... The original church was built on the site of what is now the Presbytery. There were two Victorian semi-detached houses on what is now the car park. The priest and his housekeeper lived in one and the other was occupied by an old lady - not a catholic - who when she died left the house and other possessions to the parish because of the many kindnesses shown to her over the years by Father Tritschler. Circa 1973, the two houses and the original church were then demolished in order to build a new presbytery as well as providing car parking space. A passageway joined the presbytery to the church and this was used as the parish room. Subsequently the room was enlarged to about half the size of the present parish hall with a small kitchen and a cloakroom included. The last major work was in 1994/1995 when the hall was extended to its present size with an adequate kitchen and cloakrooms for parishioners and visitors. This was made possible as a result of the receipt of money from the sale of St Edward's Church at Woldingham. Father Tritschler continued as parish priest until 1981 when he transferred to a quieter parish in Sussex to ease him into his retirement. Although a very humble and simple man, Father Tritschler achieved great things whilst in the parish and was responsible for the building of two churches (St Ambrose and St Edwards in Woldingham) as well as the presbytery in Warlingham, and was particularly proud of the fact that he left the parish without debt. He had an identical twin brother who was a priest of the Diocese of  Southwark; together they gave very many years of valuable service to the Church. Father Tritschler was succeeded by Father Emmanuel Agius who originally hailed from Malta. In 1988, Father Agius was transferred to Redhill Parish and was succeeded by Monsignor Paul Clarke who was himself close to retirement. It was only in 1991 after Monsignor Clarke retired properly that many of the parishioners discovered that he had a brother who was a senior bishop in the Catholic Church. Monsignor Clarke was succeeded as parish priest by Father Victor Cook in 1992. For his first few years in the parish, Father Victor was supported by Father Edward Holloway who was a retired priest and a close friend and mentor to Father Victor. Father Holloway was a learned theologian who had lectured and written extensively on the subject. When Father Holloway was preaching, the congregation prepared for an uplifting and thought provoking experience (and a late lunch!) However the parish and Father Victor were deeply saddened by Father Edward's sudden death in 1999. Father Victor retired from the parish in September 2006. All Saints Church
The Parish of Oxted & Warlingham
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