The Parish of Oxted & Warlingham
The parish is part of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Trust registered charity no.252878 The Bishop wants to know how best to plan for a new era in the history of the Catholic Church in Britain. Unlike in the past, we are free to worship but often lack confidence to share our faith in a secular world - even within our own families. The growth of the Church needs us to be confident as witnesses of Jesus’ love for us all: Our Mission. Please complete the Parish Questionnaire and take some quality time to ponder some of the deeper questions before completing it. The Young Parish Questionnaire is for a special meeting for young people of around secondary school age or at least having made their First Communion. Questions are grouped into sections: i. our faith, ii. the role of priests, iii. about you, iv. what your response would be in the event that mass weren’t at the same time/place as now. There is then an important section (Our Mission) inviting you to tell us of things you would like to do to enable the church to prosper and what support you would need to help you in that mission. We recognise that the questionnaire is fairly long but it is a very important part of a conversation with Bishop Richard and all people in the diocese. so deserves our time. A special box will be placed in the narthex from next weekend for you to return your completed questionnaire (or post it to the parish office) Planning 2030  Important survey